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Multidisciplinary Research Centre
for Advanced Medicine


Meeting the future in biomedical research

Founded in 2015, the Research Center for Advanced Medicine – MedFUTURE is the result of a POSCCE project, and its objective was to build a high-performance research center in the field of translational medicine.

Today, the center represents one of the most advanced research infrastructure at national level, bringing together advanced technologies. The main research platforms are the core of our departments: In vivo Studies – Animal Facility, NanoBioPhysics, Proteomics and Metabolomics, Translational Medicine and Clinical Studies Support.

Our research is developed based on university funded grants, national and international projects conducted by our team or in collaboration with senior researchers from internationally recognized universities. The work of our group is approaching both fundamental and translational research ideas and is centered around the discovery of biomarkers through implementation of omics technologies, validation of pathological signaling pathways together with possible unexplored therapeutic targets and investigation of new therapeutic compounds or novel treatment combinations at in vitro and in vivo level.

Overall, our activities are meant to contribute to the advancement of the biomedical field through the development of new diagnostic and prognostic tools and implementation of experimental therapies in the clinical sector.


Fast and reliable research services for the scientific community

Our vision is to be an active part of the progress of translational medicine and personalised therapies, as partner of significant national and international networks active in this research domain and to prepare and sustain the establishment of a new generation of highly skilled scientists in project design, impact results, and prominent international visibility.

Our mission is to promote the high-performance biomedical research in the field of translational/personalised medicine with fast and affordable and high quality reasearch services offered to scientific community. The increase of the international visibility of our university is without a doubt an essential desideratum, the realization of which will allow the validation of the proposed vision.

Our Values


We set high standards to achieve world class quality. In what we do, we are always directed to achieve top results, to apply top methods and to develop top quality staff.


We are always looking to find new approaches to the existing issues. We see an opportunity in every problem that occurs, for improvement and developing meaningful solutions.


We adapt with agility to new opportunities and the changing needs of society and partners. We leverage all resources entrusted to us to support the demands of the scientific enterprise for healthcare purposes, without compromising scientific rigor and integrity.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

We are dedicated to the collective success of our team and its community of collaborators and partners. We pride ourselves on our strengths and individual qualities, while recognizing that we achieve much more by working in interdisciplinary teams.

Committed to science utility

We are committed to improve the quality of life through scientific innovation. Our processes are directed towards adding value to the progress of healthcare science. We create a learning, training, and mentoring environment to ensure that we deliver meaningful results.


We provide the best quality service or product to our partners and strive to exceed expectations. We pursue biomedical research with the highest regard for moral and ethical standards. We stand by what we say and what we do.


Integrated infrastructure for advanced and translational medicine

MedFUTURE is a multidisciplinary centre that develops and applies complementary research protocols with the ultimate goal of contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge through the development of new diagnostic and prognostic tools and the implementation of experimental therapies in the field of personalized medicine.

Thus, the Centre’s research projects are aimed both at basic research through the discovery of new mechanisms leading to the development of diseases and at translational research through the implementation of new personalised treatments tailored to the specific molecular profile of the patient, using state-of-the-art technologies.